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Basic requirements

1. Academic requirements: minimum 50% marks needed. It varies university to university
2. IELTS: minimum 5.5
3. Institute level:
You have to complete HSC ( Applying for Bachelor );
You have to complete Bachelor (Applying for Masters );
You have to complete Masters ( Applying for PhD );
4. Passport: A valid passport
5. Tution Fees:
  • 2000 EUR to 5000 EUR for Bachelor’s degree
  • 2500 EUR to 7500 EUR for Master’s degree
  • 3000 EUR to 12000 EUR Doctorate/PhD.
The payment of tuition fees also covers compulsory health insurance.

Application Procedure:

You can submit your applications for admissions in two ways:
  1. with a qualified digital certificate, i.e. electronic signature by the end of the application deadline. You do not need to send the printed application form by registered post. You must only send by registered post all the supplemental documents that are required by the enrolment conditions (do not forget to write the reference number of the application for enrolment on the appendix, the address must be the same as on the sent application for enrolment).
  2. electronically on the eVŠ without the qualified digital certificate with username and password. Once you fill out your application form you must print, sign and send it by registered post with all the supplemental documents by the application deadline set by the call for enrolment of the designated higher education institution (the address is written on the upper left corner of the printed application form).
  3. Online application portal:
Candidates, who have not yet finished secondary school, send the application for enrolment without supplemental documents. You will need to send school certificates on secondary school education subsequently, after you finish.
Required Documents for application
Application process varies university to university. So ask everything about application and required documents. Normally you have to fill Online/ Offline application form and print then signed and send along with other documents.
Other Documents:
A. A simple copy of your passport (page with name and photo)
B. Proof of language proficiency
C. SSC + HSC certificate & Trancripts
D. A copy of Identity
E. Bachelor certificate & Trancripts
F. Letter of Recommendation ( If required )
G. Motivation letter ( If required )
H. Statement of purpose/Motivation letter
I. Certificates of professional experience (If any)
** Any relevant documents those may help you.
Application deadline:
  • the winter semester usually runs from October to January.
  • the summer semester from February to the middle of July.

Visa Application

Apply for VISA: After receiving money university will give you confirmation letter that they have received money. Use that document during apply.
Required Documents for visa application:
** Download application form from here: ( Application Form for Long-stay (National) visa )
  • Application form
  • Valid travel health document ( minimum 3 month )
  • photography (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
  • Passport copy
  • All academic transcripts and certificates
  • Proof of accommodation
  • IELTS certificates
  • Bank statement ( 6000 Euro – 7000 Euro ) own account.
  • Letter of guarantor
  • Recent 6 month bank transaction of sponsor
  • Proof of sponsor ( TIN, Trade license, Salary copy, Job certificate with mentioned amount Salary/ID etc. )
*** Please, contact at Slovenian embassy or consulate regarding visa applications, required documents and related information.
Work permit and living cost:
As an international student you will get work permit for 20 hours in a week. Normally, living cost in Slovenia is 350 euro – 400 euro. It depends on your life style.
Embassy of Slovenia in India, website:
Some top-ranked Universities in Slovenia:
For more information, please visit:
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